Sunday, August 02, 2009

Share mobile contacts - MShare

An updated version for mobile mashup MShare (see the previous posting here) is ready. Mobile link is:

This mobile site lets you create once your own contact share page (your name + phone) and after that use this page for sharing your data. Any time you need to share your contact info just open your contact page (created and bookmarked with this service) and send it to other party by SMS. The link for SMS sending will be right at the bottom of your contact page. As soon as your contact page is received and opened it is just a matter of one click to add your contact to address book.
Technically, it is absolutely the same as our Mobile pages service but adopted for the mobile phones. So you are free to prepare your contact page either from desktop browser or from mobile browser.

This version improves the compatibility with the phones. In particularly, it supports iPhone too.

You can copy mobile link right to your phone with QR-code above.

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