Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mobile pages

A new mobile service Mobile pages. In some aspects it is very close to our existing mobilize tool – QR code generator. This service also prepares (automatically builds) mobile web pages. And solves actually the same tasks – how to quickly and easily build useful mobile web pages. But the key difference is the target area. Mobile pages service is oriented towards more specialized tasks.

Lets us see the first task solved by this service – how to simplify adding your contact info to partner’s address book.

Suppose I need to give somebody my mobile contact. What is a typical behavior (life hack)? I can just call. As soon as my call is accepted my partner can add phone to address book. But he/she is still need to type my name. How to simplify this task?

What if a special "contact share" page will be available on my phone? It could be a mobile web page just bookmarked in my browser. This page will have my name + phone on it and (that is the first key point) – a hyperlink for adding my data to address book. Just one click adding – after the confirmation of course.

For sharing contact I can open that "contact page" from bookmarks and send it to my partner by SMS. Here is the second key point – a link for page sharing over SMS will be on the page too.

So my partner will get a link to my contact page by SMS. It is just a plain old SMS with a link to web page inside. And now just one click is needed for address book updating. He/she does not need to type anything manually.

And Mobile pages service lets you prepare such a "contact page". Create it here, load to your mobile browser bookmarks (you can do that directly or via QR code) – and that is all. Now you can prevent your partners from manual typing. And by the way be also sure that your phone/name is saved correctly.

It is just a first application. In the nearest time a new set of useful mobile services will be available through Mobile pages.

In general our idea is to how to let users preload own phones with self made mobile services (services build by the users themselves).

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