Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SMS attachments

Our old idea – SMS with attachment. Share local media files from your phone by SMS. The main idea here is deploy the standard SMS client from your phone – so there is no need to open some accounts, connect to the some service, use premium numbers etc. for both parties. Sender will send an ordinary SMS right to the target phone. And recipient will get an ordinary SMS too. Just with the enclosed file.

All you need is just an internet connection on your phone (what is pretty standard nowadays). You can checkout mobile application SMS with attachments here:

Or use QR code above for copying that link right to your phone.


Jnightz said...

Well, that is not SMS with attachment. It is SMS with an internet link to download the "attachment".
The real deal will be to deliver the attachment together with the SMS without the need of mobile internet.

Coldbeans software said...

>It is SMS with an internet link to >download the "attachment".
yes, sure. The attachment is always a link, is not it?

>The real deal will be to deliver >the attachment together with the >SMS without the need of mobile >internet.
no, mobile internet is already here (with us). The real deal is to provide such a mashup for example on the operator's or phone vendor's level.

jnightz said...

But that way the person who receive that message will need mobile internet to get the attachment file.

I was thinking on receiving both the text message and the attachment file.

Like MMS, but instead of photos, sound or video, a .zip, .pdf or any filetype.

Anyway this script is very good for people who have internet connection on phone.

Coldbeans software said...

>will need mobile internet to get
>the attachment file.
yes, it is right. But I think it is almost mandatory nowadays.

Anonymous said...

to share documents and files register on You just need to upload your documents in MLL Doc, give it a code and whenever needed just send SMS with file code. Your file will be delivered to the recipient id. You don't need mobile internet for it.

MsgClub - Mobile Attachment said...

Hi, By sending Attached file within SMSs, the business is empowered to guide the recipients towards specific web pages on internet which serve fruitful in the growth of organization.