Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Twitter: map on demands

One new service for Twitter - map on demands. Based on our Twitter 411 mashup (see more articles about Twitter 411 here).

It is a bot lets you obtain a map for some address. How does it work:

1. Follow to t411
2. Send to t411 a direct message in the following format:

   map some_address

  For example:

   map Palo Alto

you will get the response in Twitter (as a direct message too) with the map for the given address. The map will be delivered in the form of the static picture - so you can see it on any mobile phone for example. We are using here the same idea as in our Mobile Maps mashup - Google static maps.
Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

And here you can read the technical details - how to create the similar new bot for Twitter by your own.

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